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Mini Industrial Machining Center

SVM-2VMC is a professional small industrial machining center with linear rails and guides on all axis, AC SERVO motors and a servo spindle motor. Machine is identical to SVM-1 but has larger travel in X, Y and Z, larger servo motors, higher torque spindle motor and a 12 position ATC standard. Enclosure size is larger as well for more easier access.


The high end industrial controller supports 5 axis and the servo spindle motor driving the BT30 spindle.

SVM-2VMC supports 4th + 5th axis units and a slave 2nd high speed engraving spindle.


Rigid tapping is fully supported.

Pricing and Upgrades
Price does not include local delivery fees, contact us for a shipping quote.
Prices and specifications are subject to changes or updates without prior notice. 
Import duties and port fees are included.
Machines are manufactured in China.
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