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Genesis G5 DTS

Genesis G5 Drilling and Tapping Center

G5 Drilling and Tapping Center

Our new Bos G5 Drilling and Tapping Center is a heavy duty workhorse with a 5.5 / 7.5KW 12.000RPM direct drive BT30 spindle. Standard with high speed 16 position ATC  and 21 position optional.

A large table with a generous travel of 500x400mm ensures you wont run out of space. All linear rails and guides on all axis for super fast rapids and high accuracy.

Machine weight is 2200 Kg (4800 Lbs) for perfect rigidity during those heavy cuts or super fast rapids (up to 48m/min).

Standard control system is the new 10.4" Fanuc I3 controller providing the ultimate CNC machine experience. 

Upgrades available for ATC, Spindles, coolant systems etc.



BOS V5 Vertical Machining Center

V5 Vertical Machining Center

Our new Bos V5 is a compact size industrial Vertical Machining Center featuring the largest work-envelope in it's class.

Large capacity arm-style tool changer, high speed spindle with oil-cooling,  large work-table and high end CNC controller combined with heavy steel castings makes this a real workhorse.

The new CNC controller can handle 5 axis with RTCP and is mounted in a convenient swing-out panel. A  large 12" color screen provides all the information needed during set-up or during machine operation.

Flood cooling and a chip auger is included as well.



Skyfire SVM-2 VMC with Industrial Controller


SVM-2VMC is a professional small industrial machining center with linear rails and guides on all axis, AC SERVO motors and a servo spindle motor. Machine is identical to SVM-1 but has larger travel in X, Y and Z, larger servo motors, higher torque spindle motor and a 12 position ATC standard. Enclosure size is larger as well for more easier access.


The high end industrial controller supports 5 axis and the servo spindle motor driving the BT30 spindle.

SVM-2VMC supports 4th + 5th axis units and a slave 2nd high speed engraving spindle.


Rigid tapping is fully supported.

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